San Francisco designer Deanna Abney draws inspiration from a love of the simple yet remarkable designs found in nature and a personal resonance with living in balance with life’s natural cycles. A circadian rhythm refers to the natural energetic cycle that all plants, animals and living organisms go through daily – cycles, circles, orbits and tides – the profound, effortless and graceful universal processes.

In her jewelry you will find representations of such elegance….movement, flow, organic shapes, tinkling sounds, balance within asymmetry, draping waterfall effects of chains, sparkles, glints, and warm metals against the skin. Never heavy, never locked in place, but free to take on the natural currents of the wearer.

Adorning oneself, feeling sumptuous and gorgeous is a celebration of life – call upon your inner shimmer and have some fun sparkling yourself up!

Each piece is skillfully handmade with love in San Francisco using 14K gold fill, sterling silver and occasionally brass.